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Intel® VTune™ Profiler User Guide

ID 766319
Date 7/13/2023

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Intel® Media SDK Program Analysis

Use Intel® VTune™ Profiler to enable analysis of Intel® Media SDK tasks execution over time.


To analyze the Intel Media SDK tasks execution, make sure to do the following:

To configure the Intel Media SDK program analysis, do the following:

  1. Configure your target for analysis.

  2. Enable tracing Intel Media SDK programs and run the analysis.

Configure Target

Launch the VTune Profiler with root privileges and configure analysis for your Intel Media SDK target.

For the Launch Application mode, follow the standard project setup and analysis target setup process and specify your application or a script as a target. VTune Profiler automatically sets environment variables and, on Linux, creates an .mfx_trace configuration file for Intel Media SDK program analysis.

For the Attach To Process and Profile System modes, the .mfx_trace is not created by the VTune Profiler automatically, which makes the Intel Media SDK program analysis incomplete. You need to manually enable MFX tracing as follows:

  1. Configure the system to include ITT traces to the result.

    For Linux:

    export INTEL_LIBITTNOTIFY32=/opt/intel/oneapi/vtune/latest/lib32/runtime/
    export INTEL_LIBITTNOTIFY64=/opt/intel/oneapi/vtune/latest/lib64/runtime/

    For Windows:

    set INTEL_LIBITTNOTIFY32=C:\Program Files (x86)\Intel\oneAPI\vtune\latest\bin32\runtime\ittnotify_collector.dll 
    set INTEL_LIBITTNOTIFY64=C:\Program Files (x86)\Intel\oneAPI\vtune\latest\bin64\runtime\ittnotify_collector.dll 

  2. On Linux, before running the analysis, generate the .mfx_trace file:

    echo "Output=0x30" > $HOME/.mfx_trace
    chmod +r $HOME/.mfx_trace

If, for some reason, settings in this file are different from the settings specified in the VTune Profiler project, the .mfx_trace settings will prevail and re-write the VTune Profiler project settings.

Run Analysis

  1. Click the Configure Analysis button on the VTune Profiler toolbar.

  2. In the HOW pane, select an analysis type for Intel Media SDK program profiling, for example: GPU Compute/Media Hotspots analysis, GPU Offload analysis, or a custom analysis.

  3. Make sure the Trace GPU Programming APIs option is selected.

  4. Optionally: For custom analysis, select the GPU Utilization option.

    For the GPU Compute/Media Hotspots and GPU Offload analysis types, this option is enabled by default.

  5. Click Start to launch the analysis.

When the data collection completes, the VTune Profiler opens the result in the default viewpoint. Start with the Graphics window to analyze the CPU workload during the execution of the Intel Media SDK tasks.