Intel® Simics® Simulator for Intel® FPGAs: User Guide

ID 784383
Date 4/01/2024

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2.2. Intel® Simics® Simulator

Intel® Simics® Simulator for Intel® FPGAs is a full-system simulator supporting the definition, development and deployment of virtual platforms. It is fast, accurate, scalable and extensible.

The Intel® Simics® simulator runs unchanged target binaries in a fast and controllable way, providing an ideal environment for early software development and testing pre-silicon and post-silicon, and even post-availability.

Intel® Simics® virtual platforms are used throughout the product life cycle, from the earliest product architecture through design and evaluation, to firmware development, and OS bring-up, and finally to modeling actual customer systems and full-system integration. With the Intel® Simics® simulator, you can have your software available by the time that the new silicon arrives, reducing your product time-to-market.