Intel® Simics® Simulator for Intel® FPGAs: User Guide

ID 784383
Date 4/01/2024

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5.3.3. Intel® Simics® Simulator Command Scope

The commands that can be executed from the Intel® Simics® simulator CLI may have a global or local scope. As the name indicates, global commands affect the overall simulation, or all the objects related to the command called. Local scope commands only apply to the object for which the command was called. These are also referred to as namespaced commands. As an example, the log-level command on its own is a global command. It sets the verbosity level for all objects in the model.
log-level <verbosity_level>
For example:
# Intel Simics simulator CLI 
simics> log-level 4
New global log level: 4

The version command shown earlier in this document is another example of a global command.

Scoping a command with a hierarchical name makes it a local command. As an example, to change the verbosity level for the system.board.fpga.hps.core[0] component, prefix the component name to the command. For example, change the log level for the system.board.fpga.hps.core[0] component from the earlier level of 4 to 2 as follows:
# Intel Simics simulator CLI 

simics> system.board.fpga.soc_inst.hps_subsys.agilex_hps.core[0].log-level 2
[system.board.fpga.soc_inst.hps_subsys.agilex_hps.core[0]] Changing log level: 4 -> 2