Intel® Simics® Simulator for Intel® FPGAs: User Guide

ID 784383
Date 4/01/2024

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Document Table of Contents Canceling Script Branches

You can cancel a suspended script branch by interrupting it using the interrupt-script-branch command. Each branch has an ID associated that can be found using list-script-branches, and that is returned by the script-branch command.

The following capture shows an example of the use of these commands. In this example, a branch is created that waits for 10 CPU steps and the output of this command, which corresponds to the branch ID, is stored in the $id variable. The ID identified is 4. Use the list-script-branches command to verify this. From this command, you can see the condition for which the branch is waiting to continue its execution. Then, advance in the simulation 5 steps, which is not enough to achieve the condition required. At this point, interrupt the branch using the interrupt-script-branch with the ID as an argument. You receive a message indicating that the branch was interrupted. Call the list-script-branches command again to confirm that the branch is no longer in the list.

#Intel Simics simulator CLI  

simics> $id = (script-branch "sample script branch" {
 ....... echo "Script branch started..." 
....... system.board.fpga.soc_inst.hps_subsys.agilex_hps.core[0].bp-wait-for-step 10 
....... echo "Script branch finished" 
....... }) 
Script branch started... 
simics> echo $id 
simics> list-script-branches
ID   Wait Condition  Description                Wait data
4    wait-for-step   "sample script branch"     system...agilex_hps.core[0]
                                                waiting for step 
simics> run 5 steps 
simics> interrupt-script-branch $id 
wait-for-step interrupted 
Script branch 4 interrupted. 
simics> list-script-branches
ID   Wait Condition   Description   Wait data