Intel® Simics® Simulator for Intel® FPGAs: User Guide

ID 784383
Date 12/04/2023

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7.2.3. Accessing Target System from Host PC Through HTTP

There may be cases in which the target system can be running a web server application hosting a web page and you may want to access this page from the host PC using a web browser. In this case, you must create incoming port forwarding as the target port, port number 80 which corresponds to the HTTP service. Once you set up this port and the web server application is running, you can access the HTTP page from the host PC using the following address. The port address corresponds to the port number used in the host PC side:

http://localhost:<HostPC port>

An example of this set up is shown in the next capture. Here, the port 4080 in the host PC is being mapped to the HTTP port 80 in the target system. Also, note that the tcp service is used for this:

HostPC | Target system
Incoming  4080 ->  80
# Target Serial Console

simics> connect-real-network-port-in ethernet-link = ethernet_switch0 
target-ip= target-port = 80 host-port = 4080 -tcp

Host TCP port 4080 ->

In this case, the HTTP page can be accessed from the host PC using the http://localhost:4080 address as shown in the following figure: