Intel® Simics® Simulator for Intel® FPGAs: User Guide

ID 784383
Date 12/04/2023

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5.3.1. Version of the Intel® Simics® Simulator for Intel FPGAs Software

The installation version of the Intel® Simics® simulator and the packages that are part of this can be retrieved from the Intel® Simics® simulator CLI using the version command as indicated in the following capture. Knowing this version (and build ID) is important when asking for support or reporting a problem with the software, hence this helps to reproduce the problem and track it back to the point at which the problem was first introduced.

In the following figure, you can see that the version command provides the version and the Build ID for each one of the packages in the current installation:

# Intel Simics simulator CLI 
simics> version 
Simics Base (linux64) on Linux (5.15.0-52-generic) 

Installed Packages:
Package                Nbr   Version              Build ID 
Simics-Base           1000   6.0.154          6184 
IntelFPGA-Internal    9000   6.0.900000002    intel.fpga:900000001