Hybrid Memory Cube Controller Design Example User Guide

ID 683817
Date 5/02/2016

1.6. Setting Up the Board

Set up the board to run the hardware design example.
Note: Ensure that power is turned off before you change any settings.
  1. Set the DIP switches on the daughter card as follows: Set DIP switch SW1 to indicate cube ID 0:
    Switch Function Setting
    1 CUB[0] Open
    2 CUB[1] Open
    3 CUB[2] Open
    4 Don't Care
    Set DIP switch SW2 to specify clock settings:
    Switch Function Setting
    1 CLK1_FSEL0 Open (125 MHz)
    2 CLK1_FSEL1 Open (125 MHz)
    3 CLK1_SEL Open (Crystal)
    4 Don't Care
  2. Connect the HMC daughter card to the Arria 10 FPGA Development Kit using the daughter card's J8 and J10 connectors.
  3. Set the jumpers on the Arria 10 GX FPGA Development Kit:
    • Add shunts to the J8 jumper to select 1.5 V as the VCCIO setting for FMC connector B.
    • Add shunts to the J11 jumper to select 1.8 V as the VCCIO setting for FMC connector A.
    Figure 7. Arria 10 GX FPGA Development Kit and HMC Daughter Card