AN 294: Crosspoint Switch Matrices in Altera MAX Series

ID 683806
Date 9/22/2014
Public Signals

Table 1.  Input and Output Signals for 16 × 16 Crosspoint Switch
Signal Description Active High/Low
cnfg Input signal to enable configuration. High
res Input signal for resetting the switch matrix. High
load Input signal to load the configuration data. High
cs Input signal to select the chip. High
in_add Input address to be reconfigured.
out_add Output address to be reconfigured.
di Input data to the switch matrix.
do Output data from the switch matrix. This is a dedicated signal name, cannot be used as a user defined singal name.This is applicable to MAX® II and MAX® 3000A devices.
out_d Output data from the switch matrix. This is applicable to MAX® V and MAX® 10 devices.