AN 294: Crosspoint Switch Matrices in Altera MAX Series

ID 683806
Date 9/22/2014
Public Design Verification

You can verify the design for a 16 × 16 crosspoint switch using the Quartus® II software. The design verification occurs in both functional and timing simulations.

Figure 7. 16 × 16 Crosspoint Switch Timing Simulations

Initialization occurred for all outputs connected to in_add[0]. After the initialization, output configuration occurs resulting in the same input and output value (0010011001101011). In the final configuration, signals out_add[15] to out_add[8] are connected to in_add[2]; and signals out_add[7] to out_add[0] are connected to in_add[3] (input: 0010011001101011, output: 1111111100000000).