Quartus® Prime Pro Edition User Guide: PCB Design Tools

ID 683768
Date 4/01/2024
Document Table of Contents

2.1. Reviewing Quartus® Prime Software Settings

Review these settings in the Quartus® Prime software to help you review your PCB schematic.

The Device dialog box in the Quartus® Prime software allows you to specify device-specific assignments and settings. You can use the Device dialog box to specify general project-wide options, including specific device and pin options, which help you to implement correct board-level connections in your PCB schematic.

The Device dialog box provides project-specific device information, including the target device and any migration devices you specify. Using migration devices can impact the number of available user I/O pins and internal resources, as well as require connection of some user I/O pins to power/ground pins to support migration.

If you want to use vertical migration, which allows you to use different devices with the same package, you can specify your list of migration devices in the Migration Devices dialog box. The Fitter places the pins in your design based on your targeted migration devices, and allows you to use only I/O pins that are common to all the migration devices.

If a migration device has pins that are power or ground, but the pins are also user I/O pins on a different device in the migration path, the Fitter ensures that these pins are not used as user I/O pins. You must ensure that these pins are connected to the appropriate plane on the PCB.

If you are migrating from a smaller device with NC (no-connect) pins to a larger device with power or ground pins in the same package, you can safely connect the NC pins to power or ground pins to facilitate successful migration.