AN 799: Quick Intel® Arria® 10 Design Debugging Using Signal Probe and Rapid Recompile

ID 683757
Date 8/16/2018

Assign Nodes to Signal Probe Pins

You can assign any node in the post-compilation netlist to a Signal Probe pin. In Intel® Quartus® Prime software, click View > Node Finder, and filter by Signal Tap: post-fitting to view the nodes you can route.

You specify the node that connects to a Signal Probe pin with a Tcl command:

set_instance_assignment –name CONNECT_SIGNALPROBE_PIN <pin_name> –to <node_name> 
Specifies the name of the Signal Probe pin that connects to the node.
Specifies the full hierarchy path of the node you want to route.

Tcl Commands to Connect Pins to Internal Nodes

# Make assignments to connect nodes of interest to pins
set_instance_assignment -name CONNECT_SIGNALPROBE_PIN wizard -to sprobe_me1
set_instance_assignment -name CONNECT_SIGNALPROBE_PIN probey -to sprobe_me2