AN 799: Quick Intel® Arria® 10 Design Debugging Using Signal Probe and Rapid Recompile

ID 683757
Date 8/16/2018

Example of Using Signal Probe Routing Feature

Use this example to test the Signal Probe flow in a simple design. You can then modify this example to debug your own projects.

  1. Copy and paste top.tcl and top.v to the working directory.
  2. In the Intel® Quartus® Prime software, click Tools > Tcl Scripts....
  3. Select top.tcl, and click Run.
  4. When the script finishes, verify the connection success in the Connections to Signal Probe Pins report.

Alternatively, run the example from the command line:

quartus_sh -t top.tcl

The Tcl script executes with no errors. The Connections to Signal Probe Pins table appears on the Fitter report file,