AN 908: Enabling 4G Wireless Acceleration in FlexRAN: for the Intel® FPGA Programmable Acceleration Card N3000

ID 683736
Date 1/30/2020

1.2.1. Factory Image for 2x2x25 GbE

Page 0 of the flash contains the factory image. This image tests and diagnoses the Intel PAC N3000.

The factory image:

  • Tests the image that enables PCIe, Ethernet, and memory diagnostics:
    • PCIe near-end loopback testing
    • Memory testing using DMA reads and writes
    • Ethernet loopback test
  • Enables the RSU for the user image in flash

If the user image update fails, the Intel PAC N3000 restarts with the factory image, you can then reload the user image.

Figure 2. Factory Image Block Diagram for 2x2x25 GbE