Video and Image Processing Suite Release Notes

ID 683726
Date 4/15/2019

1.5. Video and Image Processing Suite v17.0

Table 5.  v17.0 May 2017
Description Impact
Added a new IP core: Configurable Guard Bands IP core. This IP core supports pixels in parallel and run-time control. These changes are optional. If you do not upgrade your IP core, it does not have these new features.
Added device support for Intel Cyclone 10 LP and Cyclone 10 GX devices.
Removed the following IP cores. These IP cores are no longer supported in Quartus Prime versions 17.0 and later.
  • 2D FIR Filter
  • Alpha Blending Mixer
  • Chroma Resampler
  • Color Space Converter
  • Color Plane Sequencer
  • Deinterlacer
  • Frame Buffer
  • Frame Reader
  • Gamma Corrector
  • Interlacer
  • Switch
Added new parameters for the Chroma Resampler II IP core:
  • Enable vertical luma adaptive resampling
  • Vertical chroma siting
  • Variable 3 color interface
  • Enable 4:2:0 input
  • Enable 4:2:0 output
Removed these parameters for the Deinterlacer II IP core:
  • How user packets are handled: Pass all user packets through to the output (packets will always pass through)
  • Enable embedded chroma resamplers
Changed Cadence Detect On register to Cadence Detect and advanced tuning registers On register for the Deinterlacer II IP core. This updated register enables the cadence detection feature and (if configured) the video over film feature together with all the motion and cadence/VOF tuning registers.
Removed edge sharpening feature for the Scaler II IP core.