Intel® FPGA Programmable Acceleration Card N3000 Board Management Controller User Guide

ID 683709
Date 11/25/2019

2.3. Supported Command Sets

Supported MCTP Commands

  • Get MCTP Version Support
    • Base Spec Version Info
    • Control Protocol Version Info
    • PLDM over MCTP Version
  • Set Endpoint ID
  • Get Endpoint ID
  • Get Endpoint UUID
  • Get Message Type Support
  • Get Vendor Defined Message Support
Note: For Get Vendor Defined Message Support command, the BMC responds with the completion code ERROR_INVALID_DATA(0x02).

Supported PLDM Base Specification Commands

  • SetTID
  • GetTID
  • GetPLDMVersion
  • GetPLDMTypes
  • GetPLDMCommands

Supported PLDM for Platform Monitoring and Control Specification Commands

  • SetTID
  • GetTID
  • GetSensorReading
  • GetSensorThresholds
  • SetSensorThresholds
  • GetPDRRepositoryInfo
  • GetPDR
Note: The BMC Nios® II core polls for different telemetry data every 1 millisecond, and the polling duration takes about 500~800 milliseconds, hence the response message versus a corresponding request message of the command GetSensorReading or GetSensorThresholds accordingly updates every 500~800 milliseconds.
Note: GetStateSensorReadings is not supported.