AN 848: Implementing Intel® Cyclone® 10 GX Triple-Rate SDI II with Nextera FMC Daughter Card Reference Design

ID 683643
Date 7/05/2018

Monitor User LEDs

Figure 6. User LEDs

This test uses the following LEDs to indicate the respective conditions.

Table 4.  User LEDsThe User LEDs indicate the expected results. A logical 1 indicates that the LED illuminates and a logical 0 indicates otherwise.
User LEDs Results
PB0 = ON PB0 = OFF

The standard of the RX signal video:

  • SD: [D21, D20, D19] = 000
  • HD: [D21, D20, D19] = 001
  • 3Gb: [D21, D20, D19] = 010
  • 3Ga: [D21, D20, D19] = 011
Illuminates when the frame_locked signal is asserted.
D20 Illuminates when the trs_locked signal is asserted.
D21 Illuminates when the aligned_locked signal is asserted.