Intel Agilex® 7 Hard Processor System Component Reference Manual

ID 683581
Date 4/10/2023
Document Table of Contents

2.6.3. EMAC ptp Interface

In the Emac ptp interface section, there are options to turn on for each EMAC to enable the Precision Time Protocol (ptp) FPGA interface. These options are only applicable when an EMAC is routed to the HPS pins. When enabled, the signals emac<n>_ptp_pps_o, emac<n>_ptp_aux_tx_trig_i, emac<n>_ptp_tstmp_data, emac<n>_ptp_tstmp_en, as well as the emac_ptp_ref_clock clock input interface, are made available. When an EMAC is routed to the FPGA pins, these signals are automatically included in the emac<n> conduit.