Other IP Cores Release Notes

ID 683556
Date 5/07/2018
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1.37. Altera On-Chip Flash IP Core v14.1

Table 38.  v14.1 December 2014
Description Impact
Added new parameters:
  • Data interface parameter.

  • Read burst count parameter. Adjusts the maximum burst count for Incrementing read mode. Also autoadjusts burstcount bus width.

  • Serial data interfaces

  • Flash Memory. Indicates the address mapping for each sector and adjusts the Access Mode for each sector individually

Replaced Dual Images parameter with Configuration Scheme and Configuration Mode parameters which includes all supported configuration modes. Use CFM as UFM during single image configuration mode without memory initialization.  
Fixed a bug, which allows you to adjust the Read burst count from 1 to 2 or 4 while using Wrapping Read burst mode.