Intel® FPGA RTE for OpenCL™ Standard Edition: Getting Started Guide

ID 683550
Date 9/24/2018
Document Table of Contents
Give Feedback Building the Host Application

Build your SoC FPGA-specific OpenCL™ host application using the GCC cross-compiler available with the Windows version of the SoC EDS.
  1. Perform the following tasks to download the hello_world design example.
    1. Download the SoC FPGA-specific hello_world design example ( <version> Arm32 Linux package (.tgz)) from the Hello World Design Example page.
    2. Extract exm_opencl_hello_world_arm32_linux_<version>.tar to a location to which you have write access.
      Important: Ensure that the location name does not contain spaces.
    3. Verify that the AOCL_BOARD_PACKAGE_ROOT environment variable setting points to the Cyclone® V SoC Development Kit Reference Platform. Open a Windows command window and then type echo %AOCL_BOARD_PACKAGE_ROOT% at the command prompt.
    If the returned path is not %INTELFPGAOCLSDKROOT%\board\c5soc, or if AOCL_BOARD_PACKAGE_ROOT is not set, modify the environment variable setting.
  2. At a command prompt, invoke the following command to set the PATH environment variable:
    SET PATH=%PATH%;<path_to_SoCEDS_installation_dir>\ds-5\sw\gcc\bin
  3. Navigate to the <path_to_exm_opencl_hello_world_arm32_linux_<version>>\hello_world folder.
  4. Invoke the make -f Makefile command. Alternatively, you can simply invoke the make command.
    The hello_world executable will be in the <path_to_exm_opencl_hello_world_arm32_linux_<version>>\hello_world\bin folder.