AN 320: Using Intel® FPGA IP Evaluation Mode

ID 683502
Date 10/22/2018

1. AN 320: Using Intel® FPGA IP Evaluation Mode

Updated for:
Intel® Quartus® Prime Design Suite 17.1
Intel and strategic IP partners offer a broad portfolio of configurable IP cores optimized for Intel FPGA devices. You can integrate optimized and verified IP cores into your design to shorten design cycles and maximize performance. The Intel® Quartus® Prime software installation includes the Intel® FPGA IP library. This library provides many useful IP cores for your production use without the need for an additional license.

Some Intel® FPGA IP cores require purchase of a separate license for production use. The Intel® FPGA IP Evaluation Mode allows you to evaluate these licensed Intel® FPGA IP cores in simulation and hardware, before deciding to purchase a full production IP core license. You can evaluate any of the following with the Intel® FPGA IP Evaluation Mode:

  • Simulate the behavior of a licensed IP core in your system.
  • Verify the functionality, size, and speed of the IP core quickly and easily.
  • Generate time-limited device programming files for designs that include IP cores.
  • Program a device with your IP core and verify your design in hardware.