AN 320: Using Intel® FPGA IP Evaluation Mode

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Date 10/22/2018

1.8. Using Intel FPGA IP Evaluation Mode Document Revision History

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2018.10.22 17.1.0 Added Intel® Quartus® Prime Version column to Revision History Table.
2017.11.06 17.1.0
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2017.07.15 17.0.0
  • Changed references from OpenCore Plus to Intel® FPGA IP Evaluation Mode.
  • Updated for latest Intel® branding conventions.
  • Differentiated between Intel® Quartus® Prime Pro Edition and Intel® Quartus® Prime Standard Edition features.
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Added section on IP evaluation in teams.
2007.09.15 Removed references to unsupported Logic Lock (Standard) flow.
2007.05.08 Updated steps for disabling evaluation mode.
2003.10.15 Initial document release.