Intel® FPGA Power and Thermal Calculator User Guide

ID 683445
Date 10/02/2023

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5.11. Intel® FPGA PTC - HPS Page

The HPS data entry page of the Intel® FPGA Power and Thermal Calculator (PTC) applies to devices with HPS.

To enable parameter entry into the HPS page, first select a device that supports HPS in the Main page or in Device Selection, then turn ON the HPS System Switch in the HPS page. For Intel® Stratix® 10 devices, select your peripheral modules in the I/O-IP page.

Figure 48. HPS Page of the Intel® FPGA PTC

Table 25.  HPS Input Parameter Information
Input Parameter Description
Entity Name Specifies a name for the entity. This is an optional value.
Full Hierarchy Name Specify the hierarchical path relevant to this entry. This is an optional entry. When entering levels of hierarchy, the pipe character (|) denotes a level of hierarchy.
HPS System Switch Turns the HPS system on or off. This selection affects the static power.
VCCL_HPS Voltage (mV) Specifies the core HPS voltage (in mV).
Table 26.  CPU Parameters on the HPS Page
Parameters Description
CPU Freq. (MHz) Specifies the operating frequency of all CPUs (in MHz).
CPU Application

Select a benchmark application representative of the application running on the CPUs.

Number of CPU Cores Specifies the number of cores in the CPU running the selected application.