NCO IP Core: User Guide

ID 683406
Date 11/06/2017
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3.7.1. Architecture Parameters

Table 8.  Architecture Parameters
Parameter Value Description
Generation Algorithm Small ROM, Large ROM, CORDIC, Multiplier-Based Select the required algorithm.
Outputs Dual Output, Single Output Select whether to use a dual or single output.
Device Family Target Displays the target device family. The target device family is preselected by the value specified in the Quartus II or DSP Builder software. The HDL that is generated for your variation may be incorrect if you change the device family target in this wizard.
Number of Channels 1–8 Select the number of channels when you want to implement a multichannel NCO.
Number of Bands 1–16 Select a number of bands greater than 1 to enable frequency hopping. Frequency hopping is not supported in the serial CORDIC architecture.
Use dedicated multipliers On or off When the multiplier-based algorithm is selected on the Parameters page, turn on to use dedicated multipliers and select the number of clock cycles per output, otherwise the design uses logic elements. This option is not available if you target the Cyclone device family.
CORDIC Implementation Parallel, Serial When you select the CORDIC generation algorithm, you can select a parallel (one output per clock cycle) or serial (one output per 18 clock cycles) implementation.
Clock Cycles Per Output 1, 2. When the multiplier-based algorithm is selected on the Parameters page, you can select 1 or 2 clock cycles per output.