AN 826: Hierarchical Partial Reconfiguration Tutorial: for Intel® Stratix® 10 GX FPGA Development Board

ID 683327
Date 1/05/2021

Reference Design Files

The partial reconfiguration tutorial reference design is available in the following location:

To download the tutorial:
  1. Click Clone or download.
  2. Click Download ZIP. Unzip the file.
  3. Navigate to the tutorials/s10_pcie_devkit_blinking_led_hpr sub-folder to access the reference design.
The flat folder consists of the following files:
Table 1.  Reference Design Files
File Name Description

Top-level file containing the flat implementation of the design. This module instantiates the blinking_led sub-partition and the top_counter module. Top-level 32-bit counter that controls LED[1] directly. The registered output of the counter controls LED[0], and powers LED[2] and LED[3] via the blinking_led module.

Defines the timing constraints for the project. In this tutorial, you convert this module into a parent PR partition. The module receives the registered output of top_counter module, which controls LED[2] and LED[3].

Intel® Quartus® Prime project file containing the list of all the revisions in the project.


Intel® Quartus® Prime settings file containing the assignments and settings for the project.

Note: The hpr folder contains the complete set of files you create using this application note. Reference these files at any point during the walkthrough.
Figure 2. Reference Design Files

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