Using the Transceiver Reconfiguration Controller for Dynamic Reconfiguration in Arria V and Cyclone V Devices

ID 683321
Date 12/04/2015
Document Table of Contents

1.1.2. Streamer-Based Reconfiguration

The streamer-based reconfiguration mode supports the reconfiguration features that are not achievable with the register-based method.

There are two supported modes: MIF Streaming and Direct Write. Both modes use the streamer module in the Reconfiguration Controller. The streamer module uses the same address to carry out reconfiguration. However, the data values are different and you must specify that to the Reconfiguration Controller.

  • MIF Streaming mode (Mode 0):
    • Streams the entire content of a MIF
    • Uses the streamer module

The advantage of this mode is you only need to use one command to execute the write process of the entire MIF. You do not need to manually control the write process to dedicated reconfiguration addresses such as PMA settings, reference clock selection, and PLL selection.

The design example demonstrates the streamer-based reconfiguration mode when switching the TX PLL connected to the transceiver channel.

  • Direct Write mode (Mode 1):
    • No MIF streaming is required
    • You need to selectively write the reconfiguration data
    • May require multiple writes and reads

The advantage of this mode is to access the reconfiguration address that is not supported by the register-based method.