AN 921: Device Migration Guidelines for Intel® Stratix® 10 HF35 Package

ID 683163
Date 9/11/2020

4. Intel® Quartus® Prime Software Design Migration

This section describes the migration of the Intel® Quartus® Prime design between the HF35 package of the Intel® Stratix® 10 GX400 or SX400 device and the HF35 package of the Intel® Stratix® 10 GX650 or SX650 device. This is achievable through the following methods:
  • Method 1- Change the device OPN

    In this method, you have the flexibility to change the location and pin assignments. From the pop-up window as shown in Figure 8, select the YES button and the Intel® Quartus® Prime software will automatically assign the location assignments and ensure successful migration. If you intend to keep the existing assignments, select the NO button in the pop-up window and you can do the assignments manually later.

    Figure 8. Removing Location Assignments
  • Method 2 - Use the Migration UI

    If the design is not flexible for assigned changes, using the Migration UI helps in checking the compatibility of the devices listed. You can assign the best device listed from the Compatible Migration Device List in the Migration Devices dialog box to the Selected Migration Devices list and compile the design until you can determine which device works best.

    You can also access the Pin Migration window from the Pin Planner. If you use this GUI, you can check the comparison table with the migration results between the devices chosen for migration which in return will provide ease in location assignments.

In the application note, we will be focusing on the usage of the Migration UI and how to address the incompatibility issues between the two devices.

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