Early Power Estimator for Intel® Cyclone® 10 GX FPGAs User Guide

ID 683150
Date 12/03/2021
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3.4. Early Power Estimator Field Shading

The Early Power Estimator for Cyclone® 10 GX employs shading to distinguish between input and output fields, and to help identify fields with only one allowed value.

Figure 6. Input Fields with Shading

Regular input fields, such as Device, Device Grade and Package have white shading. White shading also denotes input/output fields.

Input fields that currently have only one allowed value, such as Package in this example, have gray shading. In this example, there is only one supported package for the selected combination of device and device grade. A different combination of device and device grade might support more than one package, in which case the Package field shading would turn white.

Output fields, such as Power Model Status, or P STATIC have pale blue shading. Some output fields, such as TOTAL (W), employ a darker shade of blue for emphasis.