AN 769: Intel FPGA Remote Temperature Sensing Diode Implementation Guide

ID 683139
Date 4/06/2022

3.3. Temperature Diode Beta Variation

As process technology geometries gets smaller, the Beta(β) value of the PNP or NPN substrate decreases.

As the temperature diode Beta value gets lower, especially if the temperature diode collector is tied to the ground, the Beta value affects the current ratio on . Therefore, maintaining an accurate current ratio is crucial.

Some temperature sensing chips have built-in Beta compensation feature. The Beta variation of the circuitry senses the base current and adjusts the emitter current to compensate for the variation. The Beta compensation maintains the collector current ratio.

Figure 4.  Intel® Stratix® 10 Core Fabric Temperature Diode with Maxim Integrated* 's MAX31730 Beta Compensation EnabledThis figure shows that the measurement accuracy is achieved with Beta compensation enabled. The measurements were taken during FPGA power down condition—the set and measured temperatures are expected to be close.

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