AN 769: Intel FPGA Remote Temperature Sensing Diode Implementation Guide

ID 683139
Date 4/06/2022

4. Evaluation Results

In the evaluation, the Maxim Integrated* 's MAX31730 and Texas Instruments* 's TMP468 evaluation kits were modified to interface with the remote temperature diodes of several blocks in the Intel® FPGA.
Table 3.  Evaluated Blocks and Board Models
Block Temperature Sensing Chip Evaluation Board
Texas Instruments* 's TMP468 Maxim Integrated* 's MAX31730
Intel® Stratix® 10 core fabric Yes Yes
H-tile or L-tile Yes Yes
E-tile Yes Yes
P-tile Yes Yes

The following figures show the setup of the Intel® FPGA board with the Maxim Integrated* and Texas Instruments* evaluation boards.

Figure 6. Setup with Maxim Integrated* 's MAX31730 Evaluation Board

Figure 7. Setup with the Texas Instruments* 's TMP468 Evaluation Board

  • A thermal forcer—or alternatively, you can use a temperature chamber—covered and sealed the FPGA and forced the temperature as per the set temperature point.
  • During this test, the FPGA remained in unpowered condition to avoid it from generating heat.
  • The soak time for each temperature test point was 30 minutes.
  • The settings on the evaluation kits used the default settings from the manufacturers.
  • After the setup, steps in Offset Compensation were followed for data collection and analysis.