SDI II Intel® FPGA IP User Guide

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Date 10/21/2022
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3.2.4. Generating a Design Example and Simulation Testbench

After you have parameterized the SDI II IP core, click Generate Example Design to create the following entities:

  • Design example— serves as a common entity for simulation and hardware verification.
  • Simulation testbench—consists of the design example entity and other non-synthesizable components. The example testbench and the automated script are located in:
    • Arria V, Cyclone V, and Stratix V: <variation name>_example_design/sdi_ii/simulation/verilog

      or <variation name>_example_design/sdi_ii/simulation/vhdl directory.

    • Intel® Arria® 10, Intel® Cyclone® 10 GX, and Intel® Stratix® 10: <your design example folder>/simulation directory.
    • Intel® Agilex™ F-tile: <your design example folder>/simulation directory.
Note: Generating a design example can increase processing time.

You can now integrate your custom IP core variation into your design, simulate, and compile.

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