Intel Agilex® 7 SEU Mitigation User Guide

ID 683128
Date 2/20/2024
Document Table of Contents

2.3.1. Internal Scrubbing

The internal scrubbing feature automatically corrects single-bit errors. Intel® recommends that you turn on internal scrubbing.

If you disable the internal scrubbing feature, the device turns off the SEU mitigation feature for a sector after an error occurs in the sector. Subsequently, the device stops detection of correctable or uncorrectable SEU occurrence in the affected sector.

If you enable the internal scrubbing feature, you must still plan your recovery sequence. Although the scrubbing feature can restore the CRAM array to the intended configuration, a latency period exists between detection and correction of the soft error. During this latency period, the Intel Agilex® 7 device may be operating with errors.

For uncorrectable errors, the SDM periodically inserts an error message to the error message queue. The insertion reasserts the SEU_ERROR pin to alert you about the error.