AN 425: Using the Command-Line Jam STAPL Solution for Device Programming

ID 683089
Date 12/09/2016
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1.9. Document Revision History

Date Version Changes
December 2016 2016.12.09 Updated the typical jam STAPL byte-code data size for MAX V and MAX 10 devices in Data Constants for Altera Devices Supporting the Jam Language (for ISP) table.
September 2014 2014.09.22
  • Added information for MAX 10 devices.
  • Added the "do_epcs_unprotect" optional .jam procedure for serial configuration devices to disable EPCS protection mode.
  • Restructured and rewrote several sections for clarity and style update.
  • Updated template.
December 2010 5.0
  • Changed chapter and topic titles ("Differences Between the Jam STAPL Players and quartus_jli" on page 2, "ASCII Text Files" on page 3, "Byte-Code Files" on page 3, "Generating Jam STAPL Files" on page 3, "Using the quartus_jli Command-Line Executable" on page 10, and "Embedded Jam STAPL Players" on page 16).
  • Updated all screenshots.
  • Updated several table and figure titles (minor text changes).
  • Added information for MAX V devices.
  • Corrected text errors in Figure 9.
  • Updated codes in "Step 2: Map the JTAG Signals to the Hardware Pins" and "Updating Devices Using Jam".
  • Updated equations for clarity. Involves changes in equations numbering throughout the document.
  • Corrected minor error in "Notes to Table 9:" on page 23.
  • Removed "Conclusion" chapter.
  • Major text edits throughout the document.
July 2010 4.0

Technical publication edits. Updated screen shots.

July 2009 3.0

Technical publication edits only. No technical content changes.

August 2008 2.1
  • Added new paragraph: "Updating Devices Using Jam".
  • Updated Table 3.
  • Updated Table 1.
November 2007 2.0
  • Updated "Introduction".
  • Added new sections: "Jam STAPL Players", "Jam STAPL Files", "Using the Jam STAPL for ISP via an Embedded Processor", "Embedded Jam Players", and "Updating Devices Using Jam".
December 2006 1.1
  • Changed chapter title.
  • Updated "Introduction" section.
  • Updated "Differences Between Jam STAPL Player and quartus_jli Command-Line Executable".
  • Updated Figure 6, Figure 7, and Figure 8.