AN 425: Using the Command-Line Jam STAPL Solution for Device Programming

ID 683089
Date 12/09/2016
Document Table of Contents Algorithm File Size Constants

Table 8.  Algorithm File Size Constants Targeting a Single Altera Device Family
Device Typical .jbc Algorithm Size (KB)
Stratix® device family 15
Cyclone® device family 15
Arria® device family 15
Mercury™ 15
EPC16 24
EPC8 24
EPC4 24
EPC2 19
MAX® 7000AE 21
MAX 7000 21
MAX 3000A 21
MAX 9000 21
MAX 7000S 25
MAX 7000A 25
MAX 7000B 17
MAX II 24.3
MAX V 24.3
MAX 10 24.31
Table 9.  Algorithm File Size Constants Targeting Multiple Altera Device FamiliesThis table lists the algorithm file size constants for possible combinations of Altera device families that support the Jam language.
Devices Typical .jbc Algorithm Size (KB)
FLEX® 10K, MAX 7000A, MAX 7000S, MAX 7000AE2 31
FLEX 10K, MAX 9000, MAX 7000A, MAX 7000S, MAX 7000AE 45
MAX 7000S, MAX 7000A, MAX 7000AE 31
MAX 9000, MAX 7000A, MAX 7000S, MAX 7000AE 45
1 Size is preliminary.
2 If you are configuring FLEX or APEX™ devices, and programming MAX 9000 and MAX 7000 devices, the FLEX or APEX algorithm adds negligible memory.