AN 425: Using the Command-Line Jam STAPL Solution for Device Programming

ID 683089
Date 12/09/2016
Document Table of Contents Estimating Dynamic Memory Usage

Figure 14. Equation to Estimate Maximum Required DRAMUse this equation to estimate the maximum amount of DRAM required by the Jam STAPL Byte-Code Player.

The .jbc size is determined by a single-device or multi-device equation.

The amount of RAM used by the Jam STAPL Byte-Code Player is the total size of the .jbc and the sum of the data required for each targeted device. If the .jbc file is generated using compressed data, then some RAM is used by the player to uncompress and temporarily store the data.

If you use an uncompressed .jbc, the RAM size is equal to the uncompressed .jbc size.

Note: The memory requirements for the stack and heap are negligible in terms of the total amount of memory used by the Jam STAPL Byte-Code Player. The maximum depth of the stack is set by the JBI_STACK_SIZE parameter in jbimain.c.