Intel® Quartus® Prime Pro Edition User Guide: Programmer

ID 683039
Date 4/03/2023

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Document Table of Contents Secondary Programming Files (Convert Programming Files)

After generating primary device programming files, you can generate the following secondary device programming files with the Convert Programming Files dialog box for alternative device configuration modes:
Table 4.  Output File Types
Programming File Type Extension Description
CvP Files .jic/.rbf Files required for CvP configuration.
Hexadecimal ( Intel® -Format) Output File for SRAM .hexout An ASCII text file in Intel® hexadecimal format that contains configuration data for programming a parallel data source, such as a configuration device or a mass storage device. The parallel data source in turn configures an SRAM-based Intel device.
JTAG Indirect Configuration File .jic Proprietary Intel® FPGA file type that stores serial flash programming data for programming via Intel® FPGA JTAG pins. This method only supports Active Serial configuration. Before programming the flash, the Programmer first configures the FPGA with the Serial Flash Helper Design.
Memory Map File .map Contains the byte addresses of pages and HEX data stored in the memory of an EPC4, EPC8, or EPC16 configuration device. The MAP File stores the start and end addresses of the Main Block Data and Bottom Boot Data items, and the start and end addresses of pages within the Main Block Data item.
Partial-Masked SRAM Object Files .pmsf Contains the partial-mask bits for configuration of a PR region. The .pmsf file contains all the information for creating PR bitstreams.
Merged Mask Setting File .msf Contains the mask bits for the static region in a PR design.
Programmer Object File .pof A binary file that contains the data for programming non-volatile Intel® MAX® 10, MAX® V, MAX® II, or flash memory devices that can configure Intel FPGA devices. A Programmer consists of a remote update enabled .pof and additional remote update enabled .sof that you used to program configuration devices in remote update configuration mode.
Raw Binary File .rbf

Configuration bitstream file for use with a third-party data source, partial reconfiguration, or HPS data source. Supports Passive Serial (PS) and Avalon® -Streaming (AVST) modes.

Raw Programming Data File .rpd Stores data for configuration with third-party programming hardware. You generate Raw Programming Data Files from a .pof or .sof. The .rpd file is a subset of a .pof or .sof that includes only device-specific binary programming data for Active Serial configuration scheme with EPCS or EPCQ serial configuration devices and remote system update. The .rpd file content has one bit swapped in comparison with the output file.
Tabular Text File .ttf A TTF contains the decimal equivalent of a Raw Binary File (.rbf).