Cyclone® V GX, GT, and E Device Errata

ID 683015
Date 8/01/2023
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1.3. Signal Detect Issue in PCIe Configuration

The Signal Detect (SD) circuit required in PCIe Configuration (Hard IP and PIPE mode) may switch OFF under the following conditions:

  • Low temperature
  • Upper limit of VCCER_GXB (receiver buffer power supply voltage)

PCIe link training may not be fully completed in the case where the SD circuit remains de-asserted or remains OFF with an incoming signal.

This issue is a time-zero condition. If shipped devices have been tested not to show this issue initially, it will not show in the future.


Update the Intel® Quartus® Prime settings for receiver common mode voltage (RX Vcm) and receiver signal detect circuit threshold (RX Vth) settings as shown in the following table.

Device VCCER_GXB RX Vcm Voltage RX Vth Settings
Cyclone® V GT/ST 1.2 V 0.75 V 4

To update RX Vcm and RX Vth settings, refer to the KDB solution.

If you are unable to make changes to resolve the issue, contact Intel® Premier Support for additional information.


Affects: Cyclone® V GT/ST devices

There is no planned fix for this issue.