CVSS Title CVE SA Severity Disclosure Date
6.0 Stale Data Read from Legacy xAPIC CVE-2022-21233 INTEL-SA-00657 Medium


5.5 Post-Barrier Return Stack Buffer Predictions CVE-2022-26373 INTEL-SA-00706 Medium


4.7 Return Stack Buffer Underflow CVE-2022-28693
INTEL-SA-00702 Medium


6.1 Processor MMIO Stale Data Vulnerabilities CVE-2022-21123
INTEL-SA-00615 Medium 2022-06-14
5.5 Undefined MMIO Hang CVE-2022-21180 INTEL-SA-00645 Medium 2022-06-14
2.5 Speculative Load Disordering CVE-2021-33149 n/a Low 2022-05-10
4.7 Branch History Injection CVE-2022-0001 INTEL-SA-00598 Medium 2022-03-08
6.5 Floating Point Value Injection CVE-2021-0086 INTEL-SA-00516 Medium 2021-06-08
6.5 Speculative Code Store Bypass CVE-2021-0089 INTEL-SA-00516 Medium 2021-06-08
5.6 Running Average Power Limit Energy Reporting CVE-2020-8694, CVE-2020-8695 INTEL-SA-00389 Medium 2020-11-10
6.5 Special Register Buffer Data Sampling CVE-2020-0543 INTEL-SA-00320 Medium 2020-06-09
5.6 Snoop-assisted L1 Data Sampling CVE-2020-0550 INTEL-SA-00330 Medium 2020-03-10
5.6 Load Value Injection CVE-2020-0551 INTEL-SA-00334 Medium 2020-03-10
6.5 L1D Eviction Sampling CVE-2020-0549 INTEL-SA-00329 Medium 2020-01-27
2.8 Vector Register Sampling CVE-2020-0548, CVE 2020-8696 INTEL-SA-00329 Low 2020-01-27
6.5 Intel® Transactional Synchronization Extensions (Intel® TSX) Asynchronous Abort CVE-2019-11135 INTEL-SA-00270 Medium 2019-11-12
6.5 Machine Check Error Avoidance on Page Size Change CVE-2018-12207 INTEL-SA-00210 Medium 2019-11-12
5.6 Speculative Behavior of SWAPGS and Segment Registers CVE-2019-1125   Medium 2019-08-06
6.5 Microarchitectural Data Sampling CVE-2018-12126, CVE-2018-12127, CVE-2018-12130, CVE-2019-11091 INTEL-SA-00233 Medium 2019-05-14
7.3 L1 Terminal Fault CVE-2018-3615, CVE-2018-3620, CVE-2018-3646 INTEL-SA-00161 High 2018-08-14
4.3 Rogue System Register Read CVE-2018-3640 INTEL-SA-00115 Medium 2018-05-21
4.3 Speculative Store Bypass CVE-2018-3639 INTEL-SA-00115 Medium 2018-05-21
5.6 Bounds Check Bypass CVE-2017-5753 INTEL-SA-00088 Medium 2018-01-03
5.6 Rogue Data Cache Load CVE-2017-5754 INTEL-SA-00088 Medium 2018-01-03
5.6 Branch Target Injection CVE-2017-5715 INTEL-SA-00088 Medium 2018-01-03

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