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What Information do I Need to Provide When Requesting a Warranty Return?


Requirements and guidelines for an efficient warranty return process


Key information needed to submit a warranty request.


The following is required to start the warranty request process:

  1. Read What Warranty Return Services are Offered by Intel? for warranty offerings, eligibility, terms, and conditions.
  2. Technical troubleshooting is required non-members of the Intel® Partner Alliance and for those in the Member tier of the Intel® Partner Alliance Program.
    • Troubleshooting helps isolate the issue and ensures the warranty request is related directly to the Intel product. 
    • To get started contact Intel Customer Support (sign in required).
  3. Find further details on support and warranty offerings for current and legacy Intel® products.
  4. Use the Online Warranty and Support to verify if the serial number for the product is eligible for warranty.
    • If you disagree with the results of the tool, the proof of purchase document will be used to validate the purchase from an authorized reseller.
  5. A valid proof-of-purchase (POP) receipt or invoice showing your name as the original purchaser of the product.
    • Intel® Customer Support will evaluate the document's authenticity and may reject the warranty request if is not valid.

Pertinent information to include in the warranty request

  1. Description of the problem.
  2. Intel® Partner Alliance Program membership number, if applicable.
  3. Name or business name of the warranty requester.
  4. Email address and telephone number of warranty requester.
  5. Complete shipping address (property number, street, city, state or providence, country, and postal code) of the warranty requester.
  6. Some countries require a national ID # for import or export requirements to declare and release the product from the specific country's customs inspection process. 
    1. Intel® Customer Support will ask for this detail if your country has this requirement.
    2. If you are completing the request using the Online Warranty form, be sure to enter the ID# to avoid processing delays.
  7. Name of the product.
  8. Product part numbers and identifying information (stocking ID, serial number, FPO, ATPO, model, and other information).
Additional disclaimer

Intel® does not honor warranty requests for used, gray-market, second-hand, gifted, or products purchased from other than our authorized distributors or resellers.

  • It is the buyer's responsibility to verify the authenticity of the reseller and the documentation provided by them.

At any time, Intel reserves the right to:

  • Add to or change the Advanced Warranty Return (AWR) terms and conditions.
  • Deny AWR support for any request that does not meet the AWR requirements.
  • Discontinue the AWR program once notice is provided to AWR program participants.

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