Intel® Partner Showcase Help

The Intel® Partner Showcase is an advanced online platform to drive collaboration and co-creation in a new data-centric landscape. Partners that have posting access can create storefronts, post offerings, and showcase them to enterprise end customers. For partners that don’t have posting access or business end users, Partner Showcase is a vast resource in which to network with industry providers and discover offerings to meet their business needs.

No. The Intel® Partner Showcase does not support sales transactions. Within the Intel® Partner Showcase, you can connect with partners to learn more about their offerings and find options that are right for you.

Use Offerings by Use Case in the Intel® Partner Showcase Offering Catalog to find use cases across industries in which partners apply their goods and services to meet the needs of their customers. These use cases could be a component, system, solution, software, or service offering. Examples include artificial intelligence, cloud computing, digital signage, and energy monitoring. You can refine your results by searching and filtering within the offering catalog.

Offerings by Industry are partner offerings that are aligned to an industry sector. For example, offerings in the healthcare industry meet the specific needs of the industry, such as medical imaging. You can further refine your results by searching and filtering within the offering catalog.

Yes. The Intel® Partner Showcase allows you to search and connect with partners by their specific industry expertise.

When setting up an Intel® Partner Showcase storefront, partners select industries in which they have knowledge specific to these industries. Examples include agriculture, communications, education, and energy and utilities.

Market segments enable users to search the Intel® Partner Showcase for a technology or Intel-defined market segment. These segments include:

  • Client Computing
  • Data Center
  • Storage and Memory
  • Internet of Things and Embedded
  • Field Programmable Gate Array

Results of these searches are a mix of offering category types, including system, software, service, solution, and component. Using this filter is an additional way to find and analyze data.

NOTE: Intel assigns market segments to partners based on available information; they are not self-selected.

When a partner posts an offering to the Intel® Partner Showcase, they choose a category of offering based on what type of product, solution, or service they have developed.

  • Component: Is a building block of a hardware system, such as a motherboard, processor, memory, chassis, or power supply. It is sold as a stand-alone product for integration with other components to build a complete system.
  • System: Is an integrated set of hardware components, such as a motherboard, processor, memory, chassis, power supply, and software. It is typically delivered as a product that is ready to boot and provides basic functionality to perform specific work.
  • Software: Is a collection of data or computer instructions that tell the computer how to work. Software is information processed by computer systems, programs, and data and includes, firmware, an operating system, middleware, a database, and libraries.
  • Service: Delivers value added operations that meet and support a customer’s business needs, such as hardware and software design, contract manufacturing, logistics, cloud, and quality inspection.
  • Solution: Is the use case of an integrated combination of both hardware systems and software to solve an industry need or business problem.

For help publishing to the Intel® Partner Showcase, click here.

The Intel® Partner Showcase offering is a partner’s product, service, or solution featuring Intel® technologies.

For questions about partner offerings, use the Contact Partner button located on each offering quick view page or offering detail page. Complete and submit the form to get answers directly from the partner who posted the offering.

On the offerings search results page, each offering card has an option to compare it with others – ‘Add to compare’. You can select up to four offerings to compare. Only offerings from the same category and subcategory can be compared. (e.g., System: Laptop)

The ability to post offerings is a benefit reserved for Gold and Titanium Intel® Partner Alliance program members. You can learn more about the Intel® Partner Alliance program.

If you are having trouble signing in, visit Sign in FAQ.

The Intel® Partner Showcase Partner Directory is Intel’s network of trusted partners and collaborators who are members of the Intel® Partner Alliance. As you search, you will find partners categorized by partner business types or roles, such as manufacturer, distributor, solution, software, or service providers. You can also search partners by specialty, partner segment, or industry. Use filters to further refine your results.

For partners who wish to be contacted, Contact Partner buttons can be accessed on partner card quick views, and in partner profiles and storefront detailed pages.

Listing in the Intel® Partner Showcase Partner Directory is a benefit reserved for Intel® Partner Alliance program members.

Explore the benefits of the Intel® Partner Alliance program.

Intel Distributors sell Intel® products directly sourced from Intel as well as devices manufactured by OEMs. We categories these products as follows:

Distributor Components

  • Client Computing
  • Client Processors
  • Intel® NUC
  • Intel® Compute Stick
  • Intel® Compute Card
  • Client Solid State Drives
  • Client Network Adapters

Data Center

  • Server Processors
  • Server Boards
  • Server Chassis
  • Server Systems
  • Data Center Blocks
  • Server Solid State Drives
  • RAID Products
  • Server Network Adapters
  • Accelerator Cards
  • Server Management

Storage and Memory

  • Intel® Optane Memory
  • Solid State Drives

Internet of Things and Embedded

  • Embedded Processors
  • Embedded Chipsets
  • Embedded Solid State Drives

Field Programmable Gate Array

  • Boards & Kits
  • IP & Design Tools
  • Devices
  • Power Solution

Distributor System and Solutions

  • Client Computing
  • Laptops
  • 2 in 1 & Tablets
  • Desktops
  • Mini PC

Data Center

  • Servers
  • Workstations