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I Need Help Publishing My Intel® Partner Showcase Storefront


Intel® Partner Showcase


How-to guide for posting solutions and products to the Intel® Partner Showcase

  • Unable to publish to the Intel Partner Showcase.
  • Noticed an incorrect link within the publication guidelines in Intel Partner Showcase.
  • Need guidance to manage Storefront.

The Intel® Partner Showcase (formerly called the Intel® Solutions Marketplace) is an advanced online platform to drive collaboration and co-creation in a new data-centric landscape.

  • Titanium and Gold tier partners who have posting access can create storefronts, post offerings, and showcase their products and solutions to enterprise end customers.
  • For partners who don’t have posting access or business end-users, Intel® Partner Showcase is a vast resource in which to network with industry providers and discover offerings to meet their business needs.
  • Partner Administrators and Partner Admin Delegates are initially the users with complete access to manage the Account in the Showcase. If necessary, employees who needs to be granted access will be managed by their Partner Administrators.

Use the following links for more information:

Intel® Partner Showcase Help

Creating Intel® Partner Showcase Offerings

How to Manage Offerings

Managing an Intel® Partner Showcase Storefront 

Intel® Partner Showcase Publication Guidelines

NoteThese links require login to the Intel® Partner Alliance website, and users must have Publishing rights to access the content.

For further assistance regarding the publication guide, contact Intel Customer Support.

Additional information
  1. Intel® Partner Showcase is an advanced online platform to drive collaboration and co-creation in a new data-centric landscape.

Key features include:

  • Storefront – Selected partners can promote their products and solutions to other partners and enterprise end customers.
  • Lead Generation – Partners who sell through the Storefront will have access to a personal dashboard where they can connect with other partners and end-customers with the help of AI-powered, intelligent matchmaking.
  • Partner to Partner Collaboration – Matchmaking tools allow partners to work together to design, build and sell innovative new solutions.
  1. Who is eligible?
    • Partner Directory – All active Intel Partner Allance accounts are eligible to be listed in the Partner Directory, and to use the directory to search for products and solutions offered by other partners.
    • Partner Showcase – Only Titanium and Gold accounts are eligible to post storefront and offerings to the Showcase.
  2. How do partners submit their offerings?
    • Publishers must log in to the Intel Partner Showcase website, and submit a request to Intel to publish content in the Showcase. All proposed content must be published in accordance with the Publication Guidelines.
    • Publishers must only propose content related to Intel® products or technologies.
    • Intel may approve or reject any content in its sole discretion and may condition its approval on modifications to the content. Intel also reserves the right to determine the manner in which all content is presented and promoted in the Showcase.
  3. Can a partner edit their offering once published?
    • Yes, but the partner will need to re-submit the updated content to Intel for approval. The updated content will not be published until it is approved by Intel.