Introducing Intel® Core™ Processors

Experience seamless multitasking, smooth gaming and video graphics, and on-the-go creativity with a laptop featuring the Intel® Core™ processor.

Intel® Core™ Processors (14th Gen) for the Edge

With up to 24 cores, performance-hybrid architecture, and Intel® UHD Graphics 770, Intel® Core™ processors (14th Gen) offer high-level performance for AI workloads, graphics and media, and edge innovation.


Introducing 5th Gen Intel® Xeon® Processors

Designed for AI, HPC, database, networking, and storage, the 5th gen Intel® Xeon® processor offers workload-optimized performance and software and platform compatibility with the previous generation.


Laptop Gaming Processors

Take gaming on the go with an ultra-portable laptop featuring Intel® Core™ processors (14th gen).


Intel at MWC 2024

Visit Intel at MWC to engage with industry experts and experience hands-on demonstrations of our most advanced products, showcasing the power and capabilities that will shape the future of network and edge computing.

Artificial Intelligence

The AI PC powered by Intel is here

With AI-acceleration built into every Intel® Core™ Ultra processor, you can be confident your favorite AI-accelerated software runs best on Intel.