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Intel® VTune™ Profiler User Guide

ID 766319
Date 11/07/2023

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Counter API

Use the Counter API to observe user-defined global characteristic counters that are unknown to VTune Profiler. For example, system on a chip (SoC) development benefits from several counters representing different parts of the SoC to count some hardware characteristics.

Define and create a counter object

Use these primitives:


__itt_counter_create(const char *name, const char *domain);

__itt_counter_createA(const char *name, const char *domain);

__itt_counter_createW(const wchar_t *name, const wchar_t *domain);

__itt_counter_create_typed (const char *name, const char *domain, __itt_metadata_type type);

__itt_counter __itt_counter_create_typedA __itt_counter_create_typedA(const char *name, const char *domain, __itt_metadata_type type)

__itt_counter __itt_counter_create_typedW __itt_counter_create_typedW(const wchar_t *name, const wchar_t *domain, __itt_metadata_type type)

__itt_counter_create_v3(__itt_domain* domain, const char* name,__itt_metadata_type type);

A counter name and domain name should be specified. To load a specialized type of data, specify the counter type. By default the unsigned int64 type is used.

Parameters of the primitives:



Counter domain



Counter name



Counter type

Increment/decrement a counter value

Use these primitives:

__itt_counter_inc (__itt_counter id);

__itt_counter_inc_delta(__itt_counter id, unsigned long long value);

__itt_counter_dec(__itt_counter id);

__itt_counter_dec_delta(__itt_counter id, unsigned long long value);


These primitives are applicable to uint64 counters only.

Directly set the counter value


__itt_counter_set_value(__itt_counter id, void *value_ptr);

__itt_counter_set_value_v3(__itt_counter counter, void *value_ptr);

Parameters of the primitive:



Counter ID



Counter value

Remove an existing counter


__itt_counter_destroy(__itt_counter id);

Usage Example

This example creates a counter that measures temperature and memory usage metrics:

#include "ittnotify.h"

__itt_counter temperatureCounter = __itt_counter_create("Temperature", "Domain");
__itt_counter memoryUsageCounter = __itt_counter_create("Memory Usage", "Domain");
unsigned __int64 temperature;

while (...)
    temperature = getTemperature();
    __itt_counter_set_value(temperatureCounter, &temperature);

    __itt_counter_inc_delta(memoryUsageCounter, getAllocatedMemSize());
    __itt_counter_dec_delta(memoryUsageCounter, getDeallocatedMemSize());