Mailbox Client Intel® FPGA IPs Release Notes

ID 683754
Date 4/01/2024

1.1.10. Mailbox Client Intel® FPGA IP v19.3

Table 10.  v19.3 2019.09.30
Quartus® Prime Version Description Impact
19.3 Added device support for Agilex™ 7 devices. You can now use this IP in Agilex™ 7 devices.
Added support for an COMMAND_INVALID interrupt which indicates the command length specified the header does not match the actual command sent. You can use this interrupt to identify incorrectly specified commands.
Changed the name of this IP from Intel FPGA Stratix 10 Mailbox Client to Mailbox Client Intel® FPGA IP. This IP now supports both Stratix® 10 and Agilex™ 7 devices. Use the new name to find this IP in the Quartus® Prime software or on the web.
Added new IP version structure. The IP version number may change from one Quartus® Prime software version to another.