Quartus® Prime Pro Edition: Version 24.1 Software and Device Support Release Notes

ID 683706
Date 4/01/2024

1.7.2. Devices with Preliminary Device Support

For devices with Preliminary device support, Quartus® Prime software provides compilation, simulation, timing analysis, and programming support (including pin-out information).

However, the device models, bitstreams, and firmware for the devices are not finalized.

Table 10.  Preliminary Device SupportFull compilation, simulation, timing analysis, and programming support are available for the devices listed in this table.
Device Family Devices
Agilex™ 5 E-Series

A5EC065BB23‑R0 1, A5ED065BB23‑R01

A5EC065BB32‑R01, A5ED065BB32‑R01

Agilex™ 7 F-Series

AGFA006R16A, AGFA006R16A-B, AGFA008R16A, AGFA008R16A-B, AGFB006R16A, AGFB006R16A-B, AGFB008R16A, AGFB008R16A-B

AGFA006R24C, AGFA006R24C-B, AGFA008R24C, AGFA008R24C-B, AGFB006R24C, AGFB006R24C-B, AGFB008R24C, AGFB008R24C -B

AGFB006R24D, AGFB008R24D

AGFA012R24A, AGFA014R24A, AGFB012R24A, AGFB014R24A

AGFB012R24D, AGFB014R24D

AGFA012R24C, AGFA012R24C‑AA, AGFA012R24C‑B, AGFA014R24C, AGFA014R24C‑AA, AGFA014R24C‑B, AGFB012R24C, AGFB012R24C‑AA, AGFB012R24C‑B, AGFB014R24C, AGFB014R24C‑AA, AGFB014R24C‑B

AGFC023R25A‑R0, AGFD023R25A‑R0

AGFA019R24C, AGFA019R24C‑B, AGFA023R24C, AGFA023R24C‑B, AGFB019R24C, AGFB019R24C‑B, AGFB023R24C, AGFB023R24C‑B, AGFC019R24C, AGFC019R24C‑B, AGFC023R24C, AGFC023R24C‑B, AGFD019R24C, AGFD019R24C‑B, AGFD023R24C, AGFD023R24C‑B

AGFA019R31C, AGFA019R31C‑B, AGFA023R31C ,AGFA023R31C‑B, AGFB019R31C, AGFB019R31C‑B, AGFB023R31C, AGFB023R31C‑B, AGFC019R31C, AGFC019R31C‑B, AGFC023R31C, AGFC023R31C‑B, AGFD019R31C, AGFD019R31C‑B, AGFD023R31C, AGFD023R31C‑B

AGFA022R24C, AGFA022R24C‑B, AGFA027R24C, AGFA027R24C‑B, AGFB022R24C, AGFB022R24C‑B, AGFB027R24C, AGFB027R24C‑B, AGFB027R24C‑R2

AGFA022R31C, AGFA022R31C‑B, AGFA022R31C‑AA, AGFA027R31C, AGFA027R31C‑B, AGFA027R31C‑AA, AGFB022R31C, AGFB022R31C‑B, AGFB022R31C‑AA, AGFB027R31C, AGFB027R31C‑B, AGFB027R31C‑AA

Agilex™ 7 I-Series

AGIB041R29D‑B, AGIB041R29D‑R0, AGIB041R29D‑R1, AGIC041R29D‑B, AGIC041R29D‑R0, AGIC041R29D‑R1, AGID041R29D‑B, AGID041R29D‑R0, AGID041R29D‑R1

AGIA041R31B-B, AGIB041R31B-B, AGIC041R31B-B, AGID041R31B-B


AGIA023R18A‑R0, AGIB019R18A, AGIB019R18A‑B, AGIB023R18A, AGIB023R18A‑B, AGIB023R18A‑R0, AGIC023R18A‑R0, AGID019R18A, AGID019R18A‑B, AGID023R18A, AGID023R18A‑B, AGID023R18A‑R0

AGIB019R31B, AGIB019R31B‑B, AGIB023R31B, AGIB023R31B‑B, AGID019R31B, AGID019R31B‑B, AGID023R31B, AGID023R31B‑B

AGIB022R29A, AGIB022R29A‑B, AGIB027R29A, AGIB027R29A‑B, AGIB027R29A‑R3, AGIB027R29B

AGIB022R31B, AGIB022R31B‑AA ,AGIB022R31B‑B ,AGIB027R31B, AGIB027R31B‑AA, AGIB027R31B‑B

AGIA035R39A‑B, AGIA040R39A‑B, AGIC035R39A‑B, AGIC040R39A‑B

Agilex™ 7 M-Series

AGMF039R47A-R0, AGMH039R47A-R0

AGME039R47A-R0, AGMG039R47A-R0

Stratix® 10


1SG280H-S3, 1SG280L-S3

1SX280H-S3, 1SX280L-S3

* Not all IP features are enabled for full programming support. For details, refer to Which Agilex™ 5 IP and IP features have limited hardware validation in Quartus® Prime Pro Edition version 24.1? in the Intel® FPGA Knowledge Base.