Quartus® Prime Pro Edition: Version 24.1 Software and Device Support Release Notes

ID 683706
Date 4/01/2024

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1.7.1. Devices with Final Device Support

For devices with Final device support, Quartus® Prime software provides compilation, simulation, timing analysis, and programming support (including pin-out information).

The device models, bitstreams, and firmware for the devices are finalized.

Table 9.  Final Device SupportFinal compilation, simulation, timing analysis, and programming support are available for the devices listed in this table. These devices have finalized device models, bitstream, and firmware.
Device Family Devices
Agilex™ 7 F-Series

AGFA012R24B, AGFA014R24B, AGFB012R24B, AGFB014R24B

AGFA019R25A, AGFA023R25A, AGFB019R25A, AGFB023R25A, AGFC019R25A, AGFC023R25A, AGFD019R25A, AGFD023R25A

AGFA022R25A, AGFA027R25A, AGFB022R25A, AGFB027R25A

Arria® 10

10AS016, 10AS022, 10AS027, 10AS032, 10AS048, 10AS057,10AS066

10AT090, 10AT115

10AX016, 10AX022, 10AX027, 10AX032, 10AX048, 10AX057, 10AX066, 10AX090, 10AX115

Cyclone® 10 GX

10CX085, 10CX105, 10CX150, 10CX220

Stratix® 10

1SD110P, 1SD21BP, 1SD280P

1SG040H, 1SG065H, 1SG085H, 1SG10MH, 1SG110H, 1SG165H, 1SG166H, 1SG210H, 1SG211H, 1SG250H, 1SG250L, 1SG280H, 1SG280L

1SM16BE, 1SM16BH, 1SM16CH, 1SM21BE, 1SM21BH, 1SM21CH,

1ST040E, 1ST085E, 1ST110E, 1ST165E, 1ST210E, 1ST250E, 1ST280E

1SX040H, 1SX065H, 1SX085H, 1SX110H, 1SX165H, 1SX210H, 1SX250H, 1SX250L, 1SX280H, 1SX280L