Native Loopback Accelerator Functional Unit User Guide for Intel FPGA Programmable Acceleration Card N3000

ID 683693
Date 11/25/2019

2.4.1. NLB Mode0 Hello_FPGA Test Flow

  1. Software initializes Device Status Memory (DSM) to zero.
  2. Software writes the DSM BASE address to the AFU.


  3. Software prepares source and destination memory buffer. This preparation is test specific.
  4. Software writes CSR_CTL[2:0]= 0x1. This write brings the test out of reset and into configuration mode. Configuration can proceed only when CSR_CTL[0]=1 & CSR_CTL[1]=1.
  5. Software configures the test parameters, such as src, destaddress, csr_cfg, num lines, and so on.
  6. Software CSR writes CSR_CTL[2:0]= 0x3. The AF begins test execution.
  7. Test completion:
    • Hardware completes when the test completes or detects an error. Upon completion, the hardware AF updates DSM_STATUS. Software polls DSM_STATUS[31:0]==1 to detect test completion.
    • Software can force test completion by writing CSR writes CSR_CTL[2:0]=0x7. Hardware AF updates DSM_STATUS.

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