AN 837: Design Guidelines for HDMI Intel FPGA IP

ID 683677
Date 1/28/2019

2. Document Revision History for AN 837: Design Guidelines for HDMI Intel® FPGA IP

Document Version Changes
  • Renamed the HDMI IP name as per Intel rebranding.
  • Added the Schematic Diagrams section that describes the Bitec schematic diagrams used with Intel FPGA boards.
  • Added a link to schematic diagram for Bitec FMC HDMI daughter card revision 11.
  • Added more design tips in the HDMI Intel® FPGA IP Board Design Tips section.
Date Version Changes
January 2018 2018.01.22 Initial release.
Note: This document contains HDMI Intel® FPGA design guidelines that were removed from AN 745: Design Guidelines for DisplayPort and HDMI Interfaces and renamed AN 745: Design Guidelines for Intel® FPGA DisplayPort Interface.

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