Agilex™ 7 Configuration User Guide

ID 683673
Date 4/01/2024
Document Table of Contents Firmware Version Information

The Quartus® Prime firmware version is stored as a 32bit value at offset 0x420 in the following:
  • Decision firmware (each of the four copies),
  • Application images,
  • Factory update images,
  • Decision firmware update images,
  • Combined application images.
The format for the version field is described below:
Table 48.  Firmware Version Fields
Bit Field Bits Description
version_major 31:24 Major release number for Quartus® Prime. Example: set to 20 for release 20.1.
version_minor 23:16 Minor release number for Quartus® Prime. Example: set to 1 for release 20.1.
version_update 15:8 Update release number for Quartus® Prime. Example: set to 2 for release 20.1.2
reserved 7:0 Set to zero
Note: Quartus® Prime patches do not change the firmware version field. All patches have the same firmware version field as the base release on top of which the patches are applied to.

Both U-Boot and LibRSU enable the decision firmware versions to be queried. For examples on querying the decision firmware version for both U-Boot and Linux, refer to the Remote System Update Example section. The decision firmware version must first be queried in U-Boot for the value to be available in Linux.