Agilex™ 7 Configuration User Guide

ID 683673
Date 4/01/2024
Document Table of Contents CONF_DONE and INIT_DONE

For Agilex™ 7 devices, both CONF_DONE and INIT_DONE share multiplexed SDM_IO pins.

Previous device families implement the CONF_DONE and INIT_DONE pins as open drains with a weak internal pull-up. The CONF_DONE signal indicates that the configuration bitstream is received successfully. The INIT_DONE pin indicates that the device operates within the design.

In the current implementation, you cannot wire an Agilex™ 7 CONF_DONE or INIT_DONE signal with the nSTATUS signal from previous device families. Otherwise, CONF_DONE and INIT_DONE behave as these signals behaved in earlier device families. If you assign CONF_DONE and INIT_DONE to SDM_IO16 and SDM_IO0, weak internal pull-downs pull these pins low at power-on reset. Ensure you specify these pins in the Quartus® Prime software or in the Quartus® Prime settings file, (.qsf). CONF_DONE and INIT_DONE are low prior to and during configuration. CONF_DONE asserts when the device finishes receiving configuration data. INIT_DONE asserts when the device enters user mode.

Note: The entire device does not enter user mode simultaneously. Intel recommends that you follow the Including the Reset Release Intel FPGA IP in Your Design to hold your application logic in the reset state until the entire FPGA fabric is in user mode.

CONF_DONE and INIT_DONE are optional signals. You can use these pins for other functions that the Quartus® Prime Pro Edition Device and Pin Options menu defines.

Note: In a multi-master system, users may want to monitor the INIT_DONE signal to prevent extra PMBus traffic, during configuration. In slave mode, INIT_DONE could be used by an external master to know when to start polling with VOUT_COMMAND.