Agilex™ 7 Configuration User Guide

ID 683673
Date 4/01/2024
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5.6.2. Creating Initial Flash Image Containing Bitstreams for Factory Image and One Application Image

  1. On the File menu, click Programming File Generator.
  2. Select Agilex™ 7 from the Device family drop-down list.
  3. Select the configuration mode from the Configuration mode drop-down list. The current Quartus® Prime Software only supports remote system update feature in Active Serial x4.
  4. On the Output Files tab, assign the output directory and file name.
  5. Select the output file type.
    Select the following file types for the Active Serial (AS) x4 configuration mode:
    • JTAG Indirect Configuration File (.jic)
    • Memory Map File (.map)
    • Raw Programming File (.rpd). Generating the .rpd file is optional.
    Figure 80. Output Files Tab: Creating Initial Flash Image
  6. On the Input Files tab, click Add Bitstream, select the factory image .sof file and click Open. Repeat this step for the application image .sof.
    1. Bitstream_1 is the bitstream for factory image.
    2. Bitstream_2 is the bitstream for application image.
    Figure 81. Input Files Tab: Specifying the .sof
  7. On the Configuration Device tab, click Add Device, select MT25QU02G flash memory and click OK. The Programming File Generator tool automatically populates the flash partitions.
  8. Select the FACTORY_IMAGE partition and click Edit.
  9. On the Edit Partition dialog box, select Bitstream_1 as the factory image .sof in the Input file drop-down list. Keep the default settings for the Page and Address Mode. Click OK.
  10. Select the MT25QU02G flash memory and click Add Partition.
  11. In the Add Partition dialog box, select Bitstream_2 for the application image .sof in the Input file drop-down list. Assign Page: 1.Keep the default settings for Address Mode. Click OK.
  12. For Flash loader click Select. Select Agilex™ 7 from Device family list. Select AGFA014R24A3E3VR0 for the Device name. Click OK.
  13. Click Generate to generate the remote system update programming files. The Programming File Generator generates the following files:
    1. Initial_RSU_Image.jic
    Figure 82. Configuration Tab: Add Device and Partition
The following example output shows the generated .map file. The .map lists the start addresses of the factory image, CPB0, CPB1, and one application image. The remote system update requires these addresses.
BOOT_INFO                     0x00000000      0x0020FFFF
FACTORY_IMAGE                 0x00210000      0x0048FFFF
SPT0                          0x00490000      0x00497FFF
SPT1                          0x00498000      0x0049FFFF
CPB0                          0x004A0000      0x004A7FFF
CPB1                          0x004A8000      0x004AFFFF
Application Image             0x004B0000      0x006EAFFF

Configuration device: AGFB014R0
Configuration mode: Active Serial x4


- Data checksum for this conversion is 0xC0D25FD7
- All the addresses in this file are byte addresses

After generating the programming file, you can program the flash memory.